long learning is the corner stone of academic planning and activities at JVP INTERNATIONAL School

Learning and assessment are all intertwined to foster a learning environment. We strongly believe that learning takes place best when the learner discovers facts and ideas rather than being taught. To this end, a lot of emphasis is placed on training across all stages of curriculum.

The curriculum focuses on integration of knowledge from all spheres. Teaching learning methods are geared to stimulate creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The learner has to discover and integrate academic knowledge in relation to the real world causing holistic learning.

Some of the activities include group discussions, presentation, project work and topic based research across all subjects.


The academic year is divided into two terms. Term One comprises of PA1 and Half yearly and Term two comprises of PA2 and Final exam. Students are continuously assessed throughout the academic year, not only through these tests and examinations but also through project work, presentations, assignments and classroom participation. The final year end evaluation will be a culmination of grades the student has secured in all these assessments.


Students who require added support academically, attend regular remedial classes in all subjects. These classes focus on helping students gain clarity over certain concepts discussed in class through individual attention, revision and exercises that enhance learning.


Each student in the school comes under the responsibility of a mentor. The mentor is in regular touch with his /her mentee and keeps record of the childs activities, academic as well as co-curricular. Regular mentor meetings will be held where children are free to interact with their mentor. The mentor also keeps in touch with the parents to give and receive feedback on student.