1. Admission to this school is granted as per rules and regulations of the school.

2. No admission is complete until the leaving Certificate from the previous recognized school is produced, countersigned by the Educational Officer of their State, if the pupil comes from another State.

3. For all fresh admission the student should be introduced personally by their parents/ guardians who will be responsible for their studies, fees, conduct and discipline.

4. If any student wants to withdraw admission in between the session, will have to pay minimum term fees.

5. No leaving certificate will be granted until the account of the student is clear.

Rules & Regulations Fees, Etc. of The School

1. This is co-educational institution run and managed by the EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY OF JVP International School, KOTA which is a registered body by the Government of Rajasthan.

2. The school is recognized by the Department of Education, Kota, Rajasthan.

3. Admission is open to all boys and girls, irrespective of religion, cast or creed.

4. The medium of teaching is English.

5. The parents/guardians must see that the date of birth filled in the admission form of the children is correct, as it will not be changed afterwards.

6. Transfer Certificate of the last school attended must be attached with the application form for admission, without which the admission will be refused. Those who are on transfer from their states, their transfer certificates must be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools or the District Education Officer of that place.

7. The student will be liable to dismissal from the school on anyone of the following grounds.

8. Child is allowed to go with parents only during school hours in case of any emergency with Principal's permission.